ChatGPT-4 Prompt Protocol and Finetuning for 525% better results #003

May 12, 2023 Dr. Mihaly Kertesz & Viktor Tabori Season 1 Episode 3
ChatGPT-4 Prompt Protocol and Finetuning for 525% better results #003
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We take a deep dive into prompt engineering for AI giants like ChatGPT and Google Bard. Ready to transition from an AI novice to an expert?

We’ll strip away the myths, revealing the true essence of AI models. Forget the 'stochastic parrots' theory, these marvels are more than mere internet parrots. Ever fancied a Shakespearean tweet or a piece in your favorite niche writer's style? Stay tuned!

Unlock the secrets behind the 'attention mechanism', the revolution in AI's comprehension and text generation. Witness the startling coherence and context sensitivity it brings.

Marvel at GPT's versatility, from drafting Google Ads to compelling emails. Discover the trick to boosting GPT output quality by a staggering 525% with just a few examples.

We’ll examine fine-tuning models for critical tasks and shed light on 'hypothetical document embedding', a breakthrough poised to enhance coaching, data handling, and chatbot interactions.

Whether you’re an AI enthusiast or a curious beginner, brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride through AI's transformative potential.

1. Focus research on understanding the specific jobs customers hire products for rather than product attributes alone, and tailor products to fulfill those specific jobs to better achieve objectives.

2. Spend more time uncovering customer pains through research by understanding jobs and pains in depth. Prioritize the most important jobs, pains and gains to focus on. Test hypotheses on the most critical pains and gains.

3. Start with open-ended qualitative research through a few customer interviews to gain initial insights into jobs and pains. Then survey a few hundred customers on the most important hypotheses.

3. Use tools like keyword research, GPT and surveys to gain different perspectives. Group interviews and mystery shopping provide valuable insights from direct customer interaction.

4. Talking to customer support and sales staff regularly is the most valuable as they speak to customers frequently. They can identify the biggest pain points and opportunities.

5. Leverage these insights into marketing materials and offerings to address key jobs and pains. Like Ikea's childcare service example which solves the pain of shopping with children.

6. Measure pains on a scale to quantify their importance to customers. This helps prioritize where to focus improvements and innovations.

00:00:00 ChatGPT Prompt Engineering

00:02:29 Is GPT a Stochastic Parrot?

00:04:21 Breakthrough of Attention Mechanisms in GPT Models

00:06:05 Power and Limitations of GPT-4 for Instruction Following

00:10:27 Capabilities of GPT Language Models

00:12:09 Providing Diverse Examples for GPT
00:18:04 Generalizing Knowledge with GPT
00:20:25 Mental Models for Crafting Effective Cold Outreach Emails
00:21:53 GPT-4: Achieving Efficiency Through Automation
00:27:48 Creating a Prompt Strength Model for Cooking School Outreach Emails
00:29:53 How to Write Effective Copy with GPT: A Step-by-Step Guide
00:31:34 Pretraining and Fine Tuning
00:33:54 Challenges of Fine-Tuning
00:38:57 Fine-Tuning Models for High Volume Use Cases
00:41:02 Vector Databases and Embedding Models for Automated Text Processing
00:46:21 Use of Language Models for Coaching
00:47:52 Hypothetic Document Embedding for Q&A Systems
00:50:03 Abstraction Bridging
00:55:43 Hallucination Risk
00:59:22 Writing Google Ads, Emails, and Website Copy With ChatGPT
01:13:01 Strategies to Overcome Limitations of L