Debunking AI Myths: Exploring Creativity, Emotional Intelligence and the Future of AI #002

May 05, 2023 Dr. Mihaly Kertesz & Viktor Tabori Season 1 Episode 2
Debunking AI Myths: Exploring Creativity, Emotional Intelligence and the Future of AI #002
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Explore AI's creative and empathetic abilities, debunking long-held beliefs. Dive into a discussion about the efficacy of larger AI models, and discover why a Stanford project's smaller model might be AI's true future.

Discover the myth of 'data as the new gold,' and prepare to be astonished by what actually holds this digital crown. Unearth the peculiar 'reversal of disruption' phenomenon in AI's impact on the workforce, witnessing an unexpected pressure on creatives.

Google's battle with the 'Innovator's Dilemma' and how this tech titan grapples with disruption. Witness AI's permeation into various sectors, from creative arts to physical interactions.

1. AI can augment human capabilities rather than fully automate tasks. How AI allows companies and individuals to scale and explore ideas more quickly with human oversight.

2. Provide more targeted context, examples, and strategic guidance to achieve objectives with Large Language Models. Frame prompts with clear goals, constraints, and examples from their own data and experience to generate more useful and customized outputs. Experiment and iterate, providing feedback to further refine the models.

3. With a strategic approach and an understanding of the models' current limitations, maximize the value of large language models for business use cases.

4. OpenAI's strategy of investing in and providing early access to startups in exchange for long-term usage of their models is very effective but could be made even more impactful by providing more guidance and support to portfolio companies.

5. Midjourney's interface that embeds feedback into every usage has significantly accelerated their model development; OpenAI could learn from this.

6. While Google has the resources to compete, their reliance on search revenue makes it difficult for them to fully disrupt with new AI capabilities. They would benefit from a bolder strategy that more fully embraces AI disruption.

00:00:00 AI's Role in Shaping Work's Future
00:02:30 Unwrapping Pepita: A Marketplace Case Study
00:07:20 Sharpening Google Ads with AI
00:09:10 The Art of Automated Copywriting
00:11:14 Supercharging Google Ads with AI: The Paretot Context
00:17:21 Deciphering Databases with Natural Language Processing
00:19:25 Chat GPT: A New Ally for Data Scientists & Special Needs
00:21:22 Deep Dive into Digital Coaching with [Name]
00:24:43 Empathy & Compassion: Coping with Life's Challenges
00:26:58 Unleashing Creativity with AI: GPT's Story
00:32:57 Inside AI Business: Unraveling Pepita Group 2
00:36:42 AI Unveiled: Mastering Long Tail Products
00:40:55 A Trip Back in Time: AI Compute Costs
00:43:01 Unmasking AI's Limitations: Decision Trees Put to Test
00:45:28 From Brute Force to Machine Learning: The AI Evolution
00:47:13 Tracing AI's Path: Statistical Learning to Deep Neural Networks
00:53:18 AI's Journey: From DeepMind to OpenAI & Beyond
01:02:21 Tuning in with GPT: Language Model Calibration
01:04:31 Reasoning in Steps with AI
01:07:14 Tackling Complexity with GPT-4
01:09:21 What if GPT-4 Surpasses Standardized Tests?
01:13:42 Building an Empire: Generative AI's Business Model
01:16:21 AI Meets Cloud: Business Transformed
01:18:19 Inside OpenAI's Equity Strategy
01:22:22 Painting with AI: The Impact of Open Source
01:23:55 The Rapid Rise of Generative Image Tech
01:25:54 Content Creation Reimagined: The AI Way
01:27:52 Smaller Models, Bigger Results: NLP Training Uncovered
01:32:39 Google: Balancing Business with AI Investments