Evergreen AI Image Generation Protocol for Logo Designers, Content Creators, Entrepreneurs #005

May 26, 2023 Dr. Mihaly Kertesz & Viktor Tabori Season 1 Episode 5
Evergreen AI Image Generation Protocol for Logo Designers, Content Creators, Entrepreneurs #005
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Prompt Protocol for Disruptors: disruptordigest.com
Youtube:  youtu.be/Qyfl9QadSok
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Future-proof protocols and insights that will keep you at the forefront of this cutting-edge field. We explore AI image generators like MidJourney v5.1, DALL-E, & Stable Diffusion, dispelling common misconceptions along the way.

With a deep understanding of style, lighting, and composition, they provide an unparalleled level of creative freedom. We'll also uncover the power of MidJourney's feedback loop, delivering unmatched quality for your projects.

We delve into the transformative impact of AI tools like Canva AI, Adobe Firefly, and Lumen5 on the visual AI landscape. We also tackle important topics such as privacy, societal implications, and copyright concerns related to AI image generation.

Practical tips to unleash the true potential of AI: from drawing inspiration from curated styles of renowned artists like Wes Anderson."Shot on iPhone" prompt for realistic results. Staying ahead in areas like logo design and e-commerce.

1. Focus on concepts, not individual images, when generating prompts.
2. Start with simple, broad prompts and expand from there.
3. Avoid cliches by generating examples of what to avoid.
4. Blend concepts from different domains for novel ideas.

ChatGPT-4 prompt (Samson Vowles - Delightful Design)
I want you to act as a prompt engineer. You will help me write prompts for an ai art generator called Midjourney. I will provide you with short content ideas and your job is to elaborate these into full, explicit, coherent prompts. Prompts involve describing the content and style of images in concise accurate language. It is useful to be explicit and use references to popular culture, artists and mediums. Your focus needs to be on nouns and adjectives. I will give you some example prompts for your reference. Please define the exact camera that should be used. Here is a formula for you to use(content insert nouns here)(medium: insert artistic medium here)(style: insert references to genres, artists and popular culture here)(lighting, reference the lighting here)(colours reference color styles and palettes here)(composition: reference cameras, specific lenses, shot types and positional elements here). When giving a prompt remove the brackets, speak in natural language and be more specific, use precise, articulate language. always output me two full prompt options that are different.

00:00:00 Unprecedented creative freedom with AI image generators.
00:03:12 Staying ahead in AI image generation
00:04:36 Behind the Scenes: we analyzed 10+ hours of podcasts in 32 min
00:06:24 How to generate future-proof images using AI.
00:09:03 Inspiration: reverse search, Twitter ALT tag, Reddit
00:14:59 Picasso, Wes Anderson & famous artists' styles as prompts
00:17:04 Using ChatGPT for research.
00:19:47 "Shot on an iPhone" - the golden prompt for realistic images.
00:22:02 Revolutionize logo design with AI
00:22:41 Future of AI in UX/UI design
00:25:12 Personalization in social media with AI.
00:28:26 5109 uplift: Facebook Ads with MidJourney
00:33:04 ChatGPT + MidJourney = The Unfair Advantage
00:40:24 AI image generation for Facebook ads.
00:41:42 Copy winning ad styles without copyright issues.
00:45:25 Emojis for logo generation.
01:09:06 MidJourney's user interface and community
01:18:19 Lumen5 - your solution for animated slideshows (and double CTR)
01:23:09 Sing like a star with AI song creation